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Hearing loss claims

Have you ever been exposed to noise at work? At any time?

You may have a claim. WK Lawyers deal constantly in claims for noise-induced hearing loss so you can be comfortable in having us handle your claim. You may be entitled to medical expenses, such as payment for hearing aids, as well as a potential lump sum payment.

In particular, if you have retired, or are about to retire, then now is going to be the best time for you to make a claim for hearing loss. Making a claim while you are still working or within 2 years of retirement puts you in the best position to pursue your claim and be successful.

Hearing loss is more damaging than we can imagine. It affects one’s well-being as it may affect their social life. We commonly hear that some people are withdrawn from social settings due to this impairment, which was totally NOT their fault, nor were they born with it.

It is a common injury however workers are not always told they can bring a claim nor made aware of their entitlements.

If you already received lump sum compensation in the past and continue to work in noisy environment, you may be entitled to further lump sum compensation.

For the past decade, we have assisted workers in various industries who are exposed to noise on a daily basis:

For the past decade, we have assisted workers in various industries who are exposed to noise on a daily basis:

Construction workers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, general maintenance labourers
Factory workers
Mining workers
Flight attendants and pilots
Retail and hospitality workers
Train drivers and maintenance workers
The list goes on…
Hearing loss

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