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Catastrophic personal injury

Have you been injured but don’t know what to do next?

Whether you have been hurt because of a motor vehicle accident, somebody’s negligent action, a failure to warn you of danger, a medical malpractice, or some other cause, it may be that you have an entitlement to be compensated for your injury and the loss you have suffered.  If so, we have the experience to assist you in getting that compensation. This includes public liability claims for injuries sustained in in public settings such as parks, footpaths, and roads.

Injuries are inconvenient. They can hinder even the most basic aspects of your day-to-day life from normal household chores to feeding yourself, as well as your ability to do your job. We can promise to be there to help you through this time and do everything we can to make sure you get all of your entitlements.

WK Lawyers have acted successfully in catastrophic claims as the result of negligence by doctors, hospitals, in workers compensation claims and motor vehicle accidents and public liability.

We have been successful where other law firms have advised the client there was no hope.

We can advise on strokes, heart attacks, skin cancer, lung cancer, mesothelioma, as well as any other catastrophic injuries.

"Cases are not won by hard work. It's won by choosing the right experts and courage".

Other expertise

Personal Injury - Icon

Workers Compensation

We help injured workers with compensation claims. We handle any type of injury, even difficult claims for self-employed workers or those who haven't worked in years.

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Industrial Disputes

We assist clients with unfair dismissal claims and other employment-related disputes, such as underpayment, breach of contract, bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

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Noise induced hearing loss

We handle claims for noise-induced hearing loss, helping clients receive medical expenses and lump sum payments. Our team guides clients through the entire claims process.