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Workers' compensation claims

Have you suffered a work injury, either recently or at some time in the past?

We can help you. You may be entitled to payment of your medical expenses, a supplement to your income, or even a lump sum of money.

Helping injured workers make claims for compensation is the biggest area of our practice. WK Lawyers have the experience and expertise that can assist you in any type of injury that you might have suffered.

We don’t shy away from difficult claims. Even if the people you worked for are no longer in business, or if you worked for yourself, or if you have not worked for years, you may still have a claim.

We understand that most people don’t want to fight for their rights and get a large legal bill at the end that makes them question whether it was worth it. That’s why we aim to get you the most out of your entitlements while still keeping our services affordable.

Other expertise

Hearing loss - Icon

Noise induced hearing loss

We handle claims for noise-induced hearing loss, helping clients receive medical expenses and lump sum payments. Our team guides clients through the entire claims process.

Industrial Dispute - Icon

Industrial Disputes

We assist clients with unfair dismissal claims and other employment-related disputes, such as underpayment, breach of contract, bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Vehicle Injuries - Icon

Motor Vehicle Accident

We assist clients in claiming lump sum compensation from the CTP insurer after suffering personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.