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WK Lawyers was instructed by the late Mr Bowman in his Comcare claim against the Department of Veterans Affairs for injuries sustained in the 1990s. Half way through his claim, Mr Bowman passed away.

WK Lawyers have assisted Mrs Bowman (Administrator to the Estate of Mr Bowman) to continue with the claim.

Despite the slim chance of success, we were indeed successful in having the rejected claim overturned.

Moreover, we were also successful in a Permanent Impairment Assessment for the deceased, on papers of course!

The journey from 2017 to 2023 was not an easy journey but we are very pleased that Mrs Bowman received lump sum compensation for her late husband's injuries.

To read the full decision of this unique case, please head to www.austlii.com.au

Bowman and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (Compensation) [2020] AATA 3758 (10 September 2020) (austlii.edu.au)